The diagram shows a fingerboard with the scale notes.

5th – Dominant – G.

Sep 27, 2019 · C Major in 2nd inversion box Applying this also to the IV chord and V chord is the same. Its bright and cheerful sound is often associated with positive and happy emotions.



As you study your scales, you’ll learn alternative scales to C major that. The C Pentatonic Major is a five-note scale. C MAJOR SCALE DEGREES.


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It also shows you the locations of the 5 box patterns to help you learn to play the scale. You can check yourself (or cheat) with my list of major scale notes.

Jun 5, 2021 · For example, play a C Major chord then play a C Major scale.

Skillshare instructor Chris Rupp explains how to build any major scale using a whole and half step rule.

6th – Submediant – A. .

What Is The Guitar Scale? A scale is a set of notes arranged at specific note intervals. The basic major scale pattern (pattern 1) can be extended up and down the guitar fretboard using the additional scale patterns.

There are countless songs written on guitar using the C Major scale.
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The scale chart below shows the C Major scale all across the entire fretboard.

As we introduce each chord, use