Matte: the surface is.


English Word: clean (adj) Spanish Word: limpio. ).



1- Mood. . Suelo limpiar la casa los sábados.

Nov 8, 2022 · Miguelito, clean your room.

Él cocina una paella. to clean. .

Translate Clean in spanish. .


The Spanish verb cocinar means "to cook," and it is.

k. Translate clean in context, with examples of use and definition.

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May 17, 2023 · Unlike some apps with more, this one only includes 500 verbs and 13 tenses.
A few examples: Antes, hacía ejercicio cada día, pero hoy en día no tengo tiempo.


present perfect; I: have been cleaning: you: have been cleaning: he, she, it: has been cleaning: we: have been cleaning: you: have been cleaning: they: have been cleaning.

. b. In its “natural” form (infinitive), every verb in Spanish ends either on -ar, -er, -ir.

The verb "to clean" is "nettoyer". (to wash) a. the rain washed the streets clean la lluvia limpió las calles. . to read — we read. k.


Now you know how to say clean in Spanish. These two groups are two of the different moods in Spanish conjugation.




But I cleaned the room before he went in.

The conjugator uses conjugation rules for irregular verbs and models.