1) The distributor position.


Start there with the #1 plug wire and follow the firing order from there. 5.


Start there with the #1 plug wire and follow the firing order from there.

This circular pulley provides power to accessories like your power steering and air conditioning through the serpentine or accessory belts. . I'm wanting to have the distributor point to the #1 cylinder like i figured it.


Loosen it only enough so that you can barely turn the distributor. Bottom Right: Once the cap was off, careful. I am not a mechanic.

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of torque.


. 5 Degress BTDC.

. This results in lost power, high emissions, and unburned fuel.

Set the dist in with rotor just appproaching the corner of "what" tower you are going to use.

To adjust your timing, all you need to do is turn the.

My plan was to get the engine to #1 TDC and remove the distributor and re-align in the correct position - making sure that the rotor is pointed toward dist cap, wire #1.

. in. I'm assuming i need to try and rotate that gear down in the block so the slot on the bottom of the distributor is facing in the right direction.

Read on to find out if this DIY is for you. 5 Nm). . Oct 19, 2008 · Fine tune the position by the turning the engine by the use of a socket and ratchet on the harmonic balancer bolt until the timing marks are lined up. Dodge Ram distributor removal and installation.


2L is 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 clockwise. 413 - 5.

Drop in the dist, rotor close to the no1 tower/ mark.

The distributor is a device used on some gasoline Dodge Ram trucks for distributing electric current to each.

1973 (Electronic Ignition) 318 - 2.

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