13 Update: Streets of Tarkov Map is WIP! Key Tool Quest Tool.

Dec 28, 2022 · Currently, the map supports up to 15-17 players simultaneously, so you should be ready for some insane firefights. The map is highly detailed and accurately depicts the layout and features of the in-game location, making it a valuable tool for players to use during gameplay.

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Escape From Tarkov.

MP7A1. I try to keep the PSDs somewhat organized so it should be easy to edit. 0.

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Located in the center of the interchange is a huge ULTRA shopping mall which was used as the main base of.


As a new EFT player you'll have to compete with those who play this game for a few years, and since Tarkov is not only an arcade game where only "fast-clicking" matters, so called veterans will most likely outmatch you with their knowledge and experience. .

I made a little Application for beginners so that they can learn the map and find extraction points better from any place. ·.

While all maps are to be connected eventually, for now they are all.
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Tarkov Maps.

Navigate detailed maps of the game's virtual world with ease, and plan your strategy with precision. . .

. Join the community of Escape from Tarkov players and take your gaming experience to the next level. The 3D map for the Streets of Tarkov map in Escape From Tarkov is indeed impressive and well-designed. 3 min read. A high quality 3 dimensional map of the location Lighthouse.

Game Maps | Escape From Tarkov : Streets of Tarkov map with name 3D.

It is the fifth map that was added to the game. .

These are distributed on the west and east sides of the map.


Experience the ultimate gaming immersion with our interactive 3D website for Escape from Tarkov players.