Ports that connect the sample at the top and bottom are useful not only during the performance of the test but also during sample preparation.

64 kN/m2.

. Shear strength of soil is given as: τ = C + σ ¯ tan ɸ.

Shear Strength and Deformation Behavior of Sand.

Drainage conditions can be controlled, and pore water.

Numerical problems on shear strength calculation, shear strength parameters, triaxial test. 1) which can be expressed as t (13. Soil consolidation: Introduction, spring analogy, one dimensional consolidation, Terzaghi’s theory of one dimensional consolidation, consolidation test, determination of coefficient of consolidation.


The term containing factor N γ shows the. . 3.

It can be defined as the maximum value of shear stress that can be mobilized within a soil mass. 8 to 11.

It can measure the total, as well as the effective stress parameters, and can be conducted on any type of soil.


Measurement of Shear Strength. 1 Following data are given for a direct shear test conducted on dry sand: • Specimen dimensions: 63 mm 63 mm 25 mm (height) • Normal stress: 105 kN/m2 • Shear force at failure: 300 N a.

The rate of drainage depends on the permeabilityof the soil. 4.

3, the cohesion.
In book: Soil Mechanics (pp.
The laboratory test that is selected and used to evaluate the shear strength of a soil should be the method that is best suited to model the loading condition (undrained total stress or drained effective stress) and the soil response.



the soil mass slide downward. Residual Strength of Clays. Shear strength laboratory testing methods are described in Section.

A) 𝑠𝑠𝑢𝑢 = 10 kPa. 1) which can be expressed as t (13. 64 kN/m2. References. .

It is needed to derive the bearing capacity, design retaining walls, evaluate the stability of slopes and embankments, etc.

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Module –IV Shear strength of soils: Mohr’s stress circle, theory of failure for soils, determination of shear.

that a soil can sustain to the actual load or stress that is applied.

1) which can be expressed as t (13.

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