The ears of the Turkish Angora are tall as are the slightly slanted eyes.

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Turkish Angora.

They will be wormed and fleaed and ready.

Black And White Angora Cat. The hind legs are taller than the front. The film “The Crow” has a white Turkish Angora in the role of Eric Draven’s pet cat.

Long is the adjective that best typifies this cat breed.

. . A cute white Turkish Angora cat playing close up.

A Turkish Angora should create the impression of ethereal, flowing motion. .



Beautiful pearly white Turkish angora kitten ready to go to their forever home. S.

Super playful and curious loves playing with toys. All Turkish Angoras registered by CFA must be able to trace their ancestry back to Turkey.

A natural breed that originated in Turkey as early as the 15th century, Turkish Angoras were long considered to be solid white cats.
White kitten.

The Turkish Angora may well have been the first longhair cat seen.

In general, the breed is quite healthy and long-lived.

You may be confused because this breed is called “Angora,” not “Ankara. . We breed with the british short hair black silver tabby cats.

. She is a muscular cat and should not appear thin or emaciated. They will be wormed and fleaed and ready. . Shaded silver Base color is white, mantle is black.

Some Breeders could even offer Black Turkish Angora Kittens for $3500 or even higher.

Mother cat lying with young kitten on sheep fur. Have your kitten assessed for deafness if it is white with blue eyes.


An elegant, beautiful breed, the Turkish Angora has a soft, silky coat on a slender, finely-boned frame with a full, tapering tail.


The Turkish Angora is an ancient cat breed that originated in Central Turkey.

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