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To get the best quality out of your prints you need to calibrate your printer/profiles for each filament you use. Josef on Twitter about the 1KG of filament.
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  • I have been using a generic PLA (and using the generic PLA preset) but I've decided to use Hatchbox instead for my Ender 3.
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    Jan 19, 2023 · Below, you can find the steps we recommend taking to add Sunlu PLA as a custom preset in PrusaSlicer in the quickest way possible: Navigate to the Filament Settings tab located on the top of the PrusaSlicer window.

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    Jul 24, 2020 · In PrusaSlicer go to Configuration - Configuration Wizard and you can add all the filaments you want.

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    Josef on Twitter about the 1KG of filament.

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    Why does the cut tool in prusaslicer 2.

  • The flow maths is different to how cura works, cura line width is closer to spacing, which prusaSlicer doesn't let you directly specify and SuperSlicer doesn't default to letting you specify, the default width is that of an unconstrained extrusion, and I'm not sure the voron religion of 0.
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